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Franco Alessandrini
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1958  One Man Show - Neo Bar - Sansepolcro, Italy
1960  Fifth Annual "Gruppo Pittori Oltrarno" - Logge degli Uffizi - Florence, Italy
1962  "Gruppo Autonomo Pittori Fiorentini" - Comunal Library of Empoli - Empoli, Italy
"Rassegna Primaverile d'Arte Fiorentini - Logge degli Uffizi - Florence, Italy
Eighth Annual " Gruppo Autonomo Pittori Fiorentini" - Florence, Italy
1965   Won First Prize - "Gold Medal Ministro Pieracini" - Vallombrosa, Italy
1966  One Man Show - Circolo delle Stanze - Sansepolcro, Italy
One Man Show – Academia degli Sbalzati
Palazzo Alberti - Sansepolcro, Italy
Group Show “Calcio in Costume” – Florence, Italy
Won First Prize – “Mino Da Fiesole – Fiesole, Italy
Won Third Prize – National Festival of Sacred Art – Feisole, Italy
Group Show – Galleria Toscana – Riccione, Italy
Won Prize – Coppa Ente del Turismo – Marina di Carrara, Italy
1967   Won Prize – Third Jefferson Arts Festival
New Orleans, Louisiana
Won Prize – Jefferson Downs – Jefferson, Louisiana
Won Prize – Third Annual Three States Art Exhibition – Biloxi, Mississippi
1968   One Man Show – Circolo della Stanze – Sansepolcro, Italy
Group Show – Circolo Artistico Arezzo – Arezzo, Italy
One Man Show – Downtown Gallery – New Orleans, Louisiana
Won First Prize – Tenth Annual Southern Contemporary Arts Festival Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Group Show – Tenth Southern Contemporary Art Exhibition – Chicago,Illinois

1969   Group Show – Mobile Art Gallery – Mobile, Alabama
One Man Show – Galleria Tarducci – Sansepolcro, Italy
Group Show – Grand Hotel – Rimini, Italy
Group Show – Association of European Artists Living in the U.S.A. – Florence, Italy
1970   Won Prize – Eighth Annual Benedictine Art Awards, Gallery of Manufacturer’s of Hanover Trust Bank, New York, New York
Group Show – Watercolor Society Annual Show - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
One Man Show – Lowe Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana
Invited to Judge:
The New Orleans Art Association,
The Louisiana Water Color Society
Staple Gallery – New Orleans, Louisiana
1972   One Man Show – Rivergate Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Invited by the New Orleans Recreational Department(N.O.R.D.) to give Art Workshop
One Man Show – Galleria Tarducci – Sansepolcro, Italy
1973   One Man Show – Circle Gallery – “Something About New Orleans” - New Orleans, Louisiana
Invited to Participate – “Overture to Cultural Season” – New Orleans, Louisiana
One Man Show – Performing Arts Center – Morgan City, Louisiana
Group Show – Louisiana Bicentennial – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1974   One Man Show – Circolo Artistico Arezzo – Arezzo, Italy
One Man Show – Galleria Russo – Rome, Italy
1975   One Man Show – Howard Johnson Civic Center Gallery - New Orleans, Louisiana
1976   Group Show – Thirty-Second Annual Exposition of the State of Louisiana – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1977   Group Show – Collectanea Classic Gallery – Jacksonville, Florida
Group Show – Giddeon Putman Hotel – Saratoga, New York
One Man Show – “The Italian Connection” – Atlanta, Georgia
Group Show – Deligny Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Group Show – Cadillac gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
Festa d’Italia - Created, Designed and Produced Official Poster 
                       (1977-1986)  New Orleans, Louisiana
1979   One Man Show – Bienville Gallery – New Orleans, Louisiana
1980   One Man Show – Bienville Gallery – New Orleans, Louisiana
1981   One Man Show – Bienville Gallery “Erotica Surreale” –
New Orleans, Louisiana
Chef’s Charity for St. Michael’s School – Created, Designed and 
Produced Official Poster for this Nationally Acclaimed  Charity Event (1981-1986 -  New Orleans, Louisiana
1982   Particiapted - New Orleans Museum of Art – “Mythological Art of Ancient Greece” – New Orleans, Louisiana
“Secolo Italiano” – Designed poster for Italian Cultural Festival of Southern Louisiana State University – Hammond, Louisiana
One Man Show – “Omaggio all’Arte di Franco Alessandrini” – Palazzo del Vescovato – Sansepolcro, Italy
1983   State Fair of Texas – Created, Designed and Produced the Official Poster Hand-Printed Silkscreen, Limited Edition (1983-1988)  – Dallas, Texas        
Louisiana Alphabet Poster – Created, Designed and Produced  -Proclaimed the “Official Alphabet of the State of Louisiana” by 
Governor Edwin Edwards
Received “Louis Prima Award” – American Italian Renaissance 
Foundation of the South East – New Orleans, Louisiana
Conferred as “Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” by the
President of the Republic of Italy, Sandro Pertini          
1984  Artist in Residence of the Italian Village – Louisiana World Exposition - New Orleans, Louisiana
Executed Byzantine Mosaic – 9 feet X 27 feet – Permanently Installed at the  Entrance of the Ernest Morial Convention Center – New Orleans, Louisiana
1985      One Man Show – Museum of Art – Jackson, Mississippi
1987  One Man Show – Irving Arts Center – Irving, Texas
1988  Received “Louis Prima Award” – American Italian Renaissance  Foundation of the South East, New Orleans, Louisiana
1989  Graphic Designer and Illustrator for “Internacional Magazine”
1992  Monument to Christopher Columbus - sculpted in White Carrara Marble; placed in fountain near the Maritime Museum - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Invited by the city of Sansepolcro, Italy, One Man Show honoring the anniversary of the death of Piero della Francesca in 1492
1994  Monument to Luca Pacioli to honor the anniversary of the publication of his "Suma" in 1494; sculpted in White Carrara Marble, Sansepolcro, Italy
1995 Monument to the Immigrants - Sculpted in White Carrara Marble, 20 feet tall Woldenberg Park on the Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana; inaugurated 1997

Monument to the Immigrants, New Orleans

1997 One Man Show - Palazzo Inghrami, Sansepolcro, Italy
One Man Show - 811 Howard Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana
One Man Show - Invited by "Festival of the Nations"; Citta de Castello, Italy
1998  Inaugurated murals and paintings for Le Meridien Hotel - New Orleans, Louisiana
Sculpted portrait in Bronze - Mayor Marc Morial - New Orleans, Louisiana

Religious Women in Carrara Marble, New Orleans

1999  Inaugurated 5 Statues of Religious Women - Sculpted in White Carrara Marble - Old Ursuline Convent, New Orleans, Louisiana
Installed "Crucifixion of Christ" - Acrylic on Canvas - 9 feet by 5 feet tall, Santa Maria Church, Melello, Sansepolcro, Italy
2000  Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi - sculpted in White Carrara Marble - Monte Cassale Monastery, Italy

St. Francis of Assisi (closeup) - Italy

2000  Inaugurated Fountain - sculpted in Bardiglio Marble and Bronze - Aboca Herb, Italy
2001  Installed Life-Size statue of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, New Orleans, Louisiana - cast in Bronze - Blessed Seelos Center
Installed Life-Size Statue of Blessed Seelos - Sculpted in White Carrara Marble - Old Ursuline Convent- New Orleans, Louisiana
2002  Inducted into the Louisiana American-Italian Sports Hall of Fame - Man of the Year - Arts and Entertainment Award
Painted ceiling "Assumption of Virgin Mary," St. Mary's Church- New Orleans, Louisiana
Installed "Panther Fountain" - sculpted in Black and Grey Marble - Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Installed Life Size Portrait in plaster of Blessed Seelos - Blessed Seelos Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana
2003  Installed Life-Size Statue of Blessed Seelos - Cast in Bronze; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
One Man Show- Retrospective of Life's Work - Ferruccio Borchiellini Convention Center - Sansepolcro, Italy
Installed Madonna with Child - Sculpted in White Carrara Marble; Santa Maria Church - Melello - Sansepolcro, Italy
Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association - Exhibited Non-Profit Organization which sponsors Concerts, Art Exhibits, and Art Instruction for the community; Sansepolcro, Italy
2004  Life Size Statue on Blessed Seelos seated on bench - Cast in Bronze; installed in St. Mary's Church - Annapolis, Maryland
Life Size Statue on Blessed Seelos seated on bench - Installed at Blessed Seelos Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
Invited to Participate in "Fifth Biennale International Show of  Sacred Art" - Italy, France, Spain
2005  Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association sponsors Collective Showing of 30 Artists - Ferruccio Borchiellini Convention Center - Sansepolcro, Italy
One Man Show - "Nudes" - 811 Howard Gallery - New Orleans, Louisiana
Hosted Dr. David Kline and the Louisiana State University Health Science Center - Department of Neurosurgery -
811 Howard Gallery - New Orleans, Louisiana
2006   Commissioned - Bronze Monument - Honoring the Women who Maintain the Tradition of Lace Making - Sansepolcro, Italy
2007   "Verticalita", Photographs by Riccardo Lorenzi - Personal Commentary by Franco Alessandrini -
Gallery La Loggia - Sansepolcro, Italy
"Il Ritratto" - Group Show of Self Portraits - Gallery La Loggia Sansepolcro, Italy
"Inediti Storici su Piero" - Exhibited Paintings, Drawings and Etchings - Palazzo Collacchioni - Sansepolcro, Italy
"Gli Sacchi di Luca Pacioli" - Exhibited Chess Pieces Sculpted in Wood that were created from drawings done by Leonardo DaVinci and Luca Pacioli
Installed - 16 foot  White Carrara Marble Monument - Honoring Father Verbis Lafleur - Opelousas, Louisiana
"For the Love of our City", Inagruation of Murals at the Entrance of the Flatiron Building - Exhibit of Graphic Work - "The Signs of Fort Worth" - Fort Worth, Texas
2008  Inaugurated - Bronze Monument - Honoring the Women who Maintain the tradition of Lace Making - Sansepolcro, Italy
Installed - Life-Size Statue of Blessed Seelos - Cast in Bronze - Holy Cross College - Worcester, Massachusetts
Installed - Marble Statue of Blessed Seelos - St. Theresa Church -  Abbeville, Louisiana
2009  "Displaced"  Installation - 30 foot Sailboat on my studio roof - An original public art work commissioned by the Arts Council of New Orleans on behalf of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and on loan to the City of New Orleans until 2011. 
Invited to display various sculpture and paintings at the InterContinental Hotel, New Orleans
2010  Monument to Barocciaio - Figure Cut in Metal - Santa Fiora, Sansepolcro, Italy
St. John Neumann - Statue in fiberglass - St. Alphonsus Church - Baltimore, Maryland
2011  One Man SHow - Invited to participate in XXXVI Mosta Mercato Dell'Artigianato della Valtiberina Toscana - "Battaglia D'Anghiari, Omaggio a Leonardo DaVInci - Drawings, Painting and Sculpture - Anghiari, Italy
Inauguration of Permanent Home of the Franco Alessandrini Cultural Association Museum - Sansepolcro, Italy
Published - "Franco Alessandrini - A Half Century of Painting and Sculpture"



Portraits in oil, bronze and marble of various international personalities